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Looking for someone who completes your life and makes it beautiful.. We "Khandaani Rishta" knows that marriage are the most amazing experience a person can ever have in their life, but the only important ingredient is the perfect partner, that’s where our community matrimonial services come in. Khaandanirishta will find that one companion who is just made for you with the right attributes. KhandaaniRishta, best matrimonial site in Delhi will provide you with profiles which are in sync with your perquisite and will continue with our search till we get that perfect match for you.


Dedicated Relationship Manager

We understand that you are flooded with huge number of profiles or hesitant of how to proceed further, your relationship manager will provide you support.

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Our Marriage Bureau assign one dedicated relationship manager with you.Your relationship Manager will visit your workplace and home to exchange a few words with you and your family in order to understand your requirement of a perfect soulmate and soul family. Further two work references, family references and neighborhood references are taken by your relationship manager for cross checking.


KR-matrimonial-Stamp Creating Attractive Profiles,
Verifying & Sharing

Effective recommendations are discussed by your relationship manager to make your profile better.
Our marriage bureau registration process includes mobile number verification. One profile is associated with one phone number. After complete authentication of mobile number, ID, education certificate, salary slip, photo, location and Social profile. Our Matrimonial site will sent you the favored & verified profiles which are shortlisted from thousands of profiles for selection.

KR-matrimonial-Stamp The First Connect

May be there is a profile you feel a connect with, then talking is the only way of communication to get to know a person better. Following the highest standard of privacy, our matrimonial service department would arrange a conference call for both of you so that you can have a conversation and get acquainted with each other.



Our Matrimonial Service department would seclude the name and other personal details if things do not work out due to security reasons. The details will be kept secret till you feel confident enough to go ahead. This conversation would give you a perception about that person and if there is enough curiosity or interest you can take things to the next level



KR-matrimonial-Stamp Getting to Know Personally

Meetings are necessary as first we need to like physical characteristics and personality traits of a person and give you that temporary high. We have always heard this from our elders: Marriage is not between individuals, it is between two families. The compatibility in the form of social status, community and financial background is equally important in between families for a successful marriage.


Meetings help to understand behavior, thought process, aspirations and attitude. These personal meetings make all the difference because you can see into the eyes of the person and can visualize the sincerity of the words spoken by him/her.
It will give an indication whether you want to pursue this connection further or not. If you feel he/she is the one then we can move forward. Usually our matrimonial site encourages 3-4 meetings between the prospects and families before coming to any decision.

KR-matrimony-Stamp Congratulations,
It's a Perfect Match!

Finally! Your “laadla or laadli” is getting married. You must be on cloud nine right? And why not? You have been waiting for so long to see your "baccha" in that rich traditional looking attire.
Without a doubt, this moment is scintillating. No one can describe the blend of emotions parents experience when they see their kid taking “Saat Pheras” and marking a new beginning of life with better half. We are delighted that we are one of the best marriage bureau in Delhi and could offer you best matrimonial services .



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